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Great (75mm WP)
16 Principal
8 Octave
8 Harmonic Flute
8 Bourdon
8 Gamba
4 Octave
4 Spitzflute
2 2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
1 3/5 Seventeenth
1 Mixture IV-VI
16 Fagott
8 Trumpet
4 Clarion
16 Horizontal Trumpet
8 Horizontal Trumpet
4 Horizontal Clairon

Positiv (70mm WP)
16 Pommer
8 Prinzipal
8 Gedackt
4 Oktav
4 Rohrflote
2 Oktav
1 3/5 Terz
1 1/3 Quintflote
2/3 Scharff IV
8 Cromorne

Grand Choir (Enclosed, 85mm WP)
16 Viole
8 Gemshorn
8 Gemshorn Celeste ba
8 Hohlflote
8 Dolce
8 Unda Maris TC
4 Viola
4 Spitzgedackt
2 Waldflote
1 1/7 Septieme
1 Sifflute
8 Cornet V
8 Vox Humana
8 Horizontal Trumpet
4 Horizontal Clairon

Swell (Enclosed, 80mm WP) 
8 Flute Harmonique
8 Bourdon
8 Salicional
8 Voix Celeste bf
4 Prestant
4 Flute Octaviante
2 2/3 Nasard
2 Octavin
1 3/5 Tierce
2 Fourniture IV
16 Basson
8 Trompette
8 Hautbois
4 Clairon

Pedal (85mm WP)
32 Subbass
32 Gedackt
16 Prestant
16 Principal
16 Viole
16 Bourdon
16 Gedackt
8 Octave
8 Gedackt
8 Viola
4 Choral Bass
2 Open Flute
4 Mixture VI
32 Bombarde
16 Posaune
16 Fagott
8 Trumpet
4 Clairon
8 Horizontal Trumpet
4 Horizontal Clairon

Totals; 55 stops, 70 ranks, 3,738 pipes

Opus 92 - 1998
Wayzata Community Church
Wayzata, MN


A 4-manual, 70-rank Hendrickson tracker organ is installed at Wayzata Community Church in Wayzata, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis. The dedication was played on May 31, 1998 by Diana Lee Lucker, Music Coordinator and Organist of the church. The organ is named "The C. Charles Jackson Pipe Organ" in honor of its major donor and long-time supporter of the music program at the church. The organ committee was chaired by Janis Allen, with early design goals provided by Roderick Kettlewell, former Director of Music at the church. Craig Rafferty of St. Paul was the architect of the new sanctuary, and Robert Mahoney of Boulder, CO was the acoustical consultant. Eric Hendrickson was installation foreman. Other 1998 recitals have been by Lynne Davis of France, and Volodymyr Koshuba of Ukraine and Stephen Hamilton of New York. The sculptor Paul Granlund designed and cast the bronze cross-shield "Aegis" for the central aedicule of the organ case. Eric Hendrickson worked with Paul on the installation.

The April 1998 issue of Minnesota Monthly magazine featured a two-page photo spread of Charles Hendrickson and the Wayzata organ. Photographer William Clark and author Elizabeth Weir spent several days with Charles at the church preparing the article and large photo.




Diana Lee Lucker and recitalist Lynne Davis from France


Charles Hendrickson, Janis Allen, and the late C. Charles Jackson


The late Paul Granlund and Charles Hendrickson



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