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Opus 57, St. John Lutheran Church, Kasson, Minnesota

The American Guild of Organists is a national organization of over 20,000 organists. Their website includes many valuable resources, including a great introduction to the pipe organ. Their website is located at <http://www.agohq.org/home.html>.

American Guild of Organists - Twin Cities Chapter's website is available at <http://www.tcago.org>.

The Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America's website can be accessed at <http://www.apoba.com>.


The American Institute of Organbuilders website is located at <http://www.pipeorgan.org>.

The Organ Clearing House provides help in relocating experienced organs. Visit their
website at <http://www.organclearinghouse.com>.

Het Orgel contains an online magazine dedicated to European organ art at <http://www.hetorgel.nl/eindex.html> (English version).

Zzounds provides an in-depth tutorial on the organ and its history at <http://www.zzounds.com/edu--historyoftheorgan>.


Opus 87, Central Lutheran Church, Winona, Minnesota

Opus 51, St. Mark Catholic Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Friends of the Wanamaker Organ website is at <http://www.wanamakerorgan.com>.

The Organ Historical Society is an organization that promotes a widespread musical and historical interest in American organbuilding through collection, preservation, and publication of historical information, and through recordings and public concerts. Visit their website at <http://www.organsociety.org>.

PipeDreams radio program (Minnesota Public Radio) can be accessed at  <http://www.pipedreams.org>.

The Organ Magazine's site contains reviews of concerts, music and CDs, as well as articles and extensive links <http://www.theorganmag.com>.


PipeOrg-L is an e-mail discussion group of organists and organ enthusiasts. Visit their website at <http://www.albany.edu/piporg-l> to join.

PipeChat is another e-mail discussion group of organists and organ enthusiasts. Visit their website at <http://www.pipechat.org> to join.


Opus 72, Little Cedar Lutheran Church, Adams, Minnesota


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